What To Keep In Mind When The Power Goes Out

If the power goes out at your home in Overland Park, you need to know what to do. A little bit of preparation can go a long way to keep your family safe, fed, and entertaining for as long as the power may be out.

Food Isn’t Going to Last

Your food inside of your refrigerator and freezer are going to last forever. It’s a good idea to keep a thermometer that doesn’t involve power so that you can keep an eye on temperatures. It is also helpful to fill bottles of water and keep them frozen inside the freezer. This can help to extend temperatures for longer.

You should also plan on stocking your pantry with items that don’t require refrigeration or cooking. Popular items to keep in stock include granola bars, jerky, and peanut butter. Be sure to focus on high nutrient items that your family will enjoy eating for as long as the power is out.

You Need Hot Water

You are going to need hot water for a lot of different things, including purified water, doing laundry, and sanitizing dishes. In order to get hot water, you can keep using a solar oven, a fuel-efficient outdoor rocket stove, or even a grill.

Kids Can Grow Stir Crazy

Kids are often going to be the first to go stir crazy. This is because they won’t have access to video game consoles, TVs, or anything else. Have board games, decks of cards, and puzzle available so that they can keep themselves entertained for long periods of time.

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