Can I buy short-term boat insurance?

Suppose that you own a boat, and you only like to take it out a few weeks each Summer, leaving it in the garage the rest of the year. Is it possible to buy short-term insurance, or do you need to keep it protected all year long? What are your options in Overland Park, KS?

Unfortunately, you’re not likely to find an insurer that offers month to month insurance. State, local and federal law surrounding insurance typically mean that even if an insurer wanted to offer such a policy, they wouldn’t be allowed to.

This means that, unless you can afford to insure the boat yourself, or you’re willing to run the risks of piloting it uninsured (which is difficult to recommend for a range of legal reasons), your options are relatively limited here.

You can buy a six month policy from many insurers. This will keep you covered through all of the Summer and a few extra months on top of that, which may be incentive to get out there and do a little more fishing next year. But if you really can’t find time to spend more than a few weekends a year out on the water, this is still a big commitment for a part-time hobby.

You can simply cancel your insurance after a month, but this presents a number of difficulties. You’re generally going to be required to pay a large portion of your insurance policy up front, and it can be hard to say goodbye to that money when you’re not actually completing the policy. Some states require a sixty day cancellation period before you can stop payments.

Ultimately if six months is too much of a commitment, the smartest choice may be to sell the boat, and simply rent one with a short term policy when you’re ready to hit the water. Or, get a 12 month policy from HighPointe Insurance in Overland Park, KS and make the most of it.