Debunking Three Common Myths About Life Insurance in Overland Park, KS

Have you been hesitating to purchase life insurance coverage because you believe one of the many myths associated with this incredibly important financial solution? At HighPointe Insurance Services LL in Overland Park, KS, we want you to make an informed decision based on the facts when considering life insurance. Here are some myths about life insurance you don’t have to worry about.

Myth 1: Life Insurance Only Exists for Final and Funeral Expenses

Life insurance is not just limited to covering final expenses. Your life insurance policy can provide assistance in various ways, such as debt repayment, estate planning, income replacement, mortgage payoff, funding education for your loved ones, and ensuring your family continues to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle even after you’re no longer with them.

In addition, certain policies offer living benefits. Under specific circumstances, you can often access your life insurance policy.

Myth 2: Life insurance is Prohibitively Expensive for Most People

Do you assume a life insurance policy costs an extravagant amount? Many people do. However, many types of life insurance policies and packages exist. Like any form of insurance, costs can vary based on several factors.

There’s a good chance a life insurance package is easily within your budget. Contact insurance services and compare quotes to see how affordable a life insurance policy can be. Also, like with other forms of insurance, you can find savings on life insurance in many ways with a little research.

Myth 3: Life Insurance Offered By Your Employer is Good Enough

Your employer might offer a group life insurance policy as part of your overall benefits package. While that’s an excellent benefit to have from your employer, it might not meet all your needs.

In addition, you might lose that coverage if you leave the job. Consider adding personal coverage to your employer’s benefits for better and customized protection for you and your family.

What Else Have You Heard about Life Insurance?

The myths listed here don’t scratch the surface of all the false information people believe about life insurance in Overland Park, KS. If you want to know more about starting an affordable life insurance policy for you and your family, contact us at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC.