Uninsured Motorists and RV Insurance

RV insurance for accidents works very much like regular vehicle insurance. There are different types of policies available, and the coverage an RV owner chooses to put in place will often dictate the amount of recovery and type of help that will be provided.

A strict liability coverage will only address the require minimum liability coverage an RV owner has for others harmed or whose property is damaged by the RV. It usually does nothing for the RV owner in terms of repair or replacement. While these polices tend to be cheaper, they pose a real problem when the accident involves an uninsured motorist. Generally, the uninsured motorist has no coverage or personal funds to claim against, which means the RV owner is up a creek for his own recovery.

A comprehensive policy, on the other hand, will include provisions that address injury to others as well as personal injury and property damage to the policy holder. While a comprehensive policy tends to be more expensive, it is a real blessing when the accident involves an uninsured motorist. Instead of having to worry about trying to get some semblance of coverage out of the other party, the RV owner can look to his own coverage for recovery up to the limits stated in the agreement. In most cases, that tends to be sufficient to repair and RV as well as take care of most injury costs the RV owner and his guest or family might receive in the accident. The insurance provider then determines whether to go after the uninsured motorist or not for its recovery.

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