Does Motorcycle Insurance Go Down Over Time?

When a person purchases a motorcycle, one of the first things they will want to do is put insurance on it. And while putting insurance on it at first may seem like it is expensive, truth is, as time passes by, there is a good chance that the monthly premium rate will go down. Here is a quick look at two ways to make sure your motorcycle insurance goes down as time passes by instead of up. 

Avoid Speeding Tickets

One of the most common ways that people endure an increase in their monthly insurance rate is by getting a speeding ticket. The more speeding tickets a person has, the higher his or her rate will be, especially when these tickets are acquired in a small amount of time. For those who have only one speeding ticket, it is important to ask about traffic school and check to see if this will keep the ticket off a person’s driving record, which will keep the insurance company from raising the person’s insurance rate. 

Avoid Accidents

Another way to avoid an increase in your monthly insurance rate is to avoid getting in an accident. You, of course, never try to get in an accident, but just be mindful and be extra careful when driving to help prevent an accident from having. Even a small fender bender can cause your rate to go up, so you will want to avoid them at all costs. 


If you have questions about your motorcycle insurance and would like to learn more about keeping your rate as low as possible, please don’t hesitate to reach out to HighPointe Insurance Services LLC serving the Overland Park, KS area.