Should I Get Boat Insurance for a Small Watercraft?

In Overland Park, KS, HighPointe Insurance Services LLC is happy to walk new and seasoned watercraft owners through obtaining a boat insurance policy. If you are the proud owner of a canoe, kayak, or other small watercraft, you might wonder if you need to insure it. While every boat owner’s needs differ, we have some tips to help you decide if boat insurance is right for your small watercraft.

What is boat insurance?

Boat insurance, also known as watercraft insurance, is an insurance policy that covers watercraft and boats. The kinds of vehicles you can insure through boat insurance include motorboats, kayaks, canoes, jet skis, and more. It’s designed for boat owners who want to be protected in an accident, theft, or other disastrous events.

What does boat insurance cover?

While every policy is different, boat insurance usually covers some combination of liability, repairs, replacement of the boat in the event of theft or damage, and medical expenses if the policyholder is found to be at fault in an accident with the insured boat or watercraft.

Can you use boat insurance to cover small watercraft?

With many boat insurance policies, you can insure any kind of watercraft, including smaller watercraft such as canoes or kayaks. Investing time and money in buying and customizing a small watercraft can give you peace of mind to protect that investment with an insurance policy. Since small boats are much easier for ill-intending people to steal, a boat insurance policy can especially be helpful if it offers to cover all or some of the costs associated with replacing a small watercraft.

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