When Should You Update your Commercial Insurance?

As a business owner, it’s important to keep up with your commercial insurance protection. Changes in your business structure, location or staff could warrant an update of your policy. If your business in Overland Park, KS goes through any of the following changes, talk to an agent from HighPointe Insurance Services LLC to see if you need to update your policy.  

  • Hiring or firing key personnel  
  • Moving to a new location or renovating/adding office or warehouse space
  • Changing contracts with current suppliers or adding new suppliers
  • Purchasing new business equipment, security system or vehicles
  • Adding a partner(s) to your business
  • Offering new services or creating/selling new products
  • Substantial increase in revenues

When you hire new personnel, you’ll have to add them to the worker’s comp program under your commercial insurance policy. In like manner, firing employees will require that you delete them from your worker’s comp coverage.

Any time you change locations or upgrade your current location, you need to update your policy to ensure your new building or upgrades are covered.  New equipment and vehicles also need to be added to your commercial insurance policy to protect them against damage or loss. The coverage you obtain will depend on the value of the equipment or vehicles you buy. 

Starting a new line of services or goods may affect your professional liability coverage. If so, your HighPointe Insurance Services agent can help you adjust your coverage accordingly. As your business grows, you may experience a dramatic increase in revenue. Updating your coverage will help protect these assets. Adequate professional liability coverage can help secure your company’s financial future. 

To learn more about how to protect your business with commercial insurance coverage or for information on policy costs, contact us at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC, Overland Park, KS.