Common myths about motorcycle insurance

Is there anything more fun than riding a motorcycle? If you decide to ride a bike, you should prepare for responsibilities. Protecting your motorcycle, passengers, and other people on the road is one of these responsibilities. If you shop for motorcycle insurance, you should be aware of popular myths about it. In this blog post, we are going to debunk them:

Myth 1: It is not required in Kansas to carry motorcycle insurance

The truth is that motorcycle insurance is like car insurance. That means riding a motorcycle without insurance means breaking the law. If you decide to ride without a valid insurance policy, be ready to face financial consequences and other penalties. 

Myth 2. Motorcycle insurance costs too much

It is incorrect to say that motorcycle insurance is expensive because certain factors determine its cost. These factors are the type and age of a motorcycle, location, any present modifications to the motorcycle, and others. Based on these factors, an insurance agent will help calculate your exact insurance cost.  

Myth 3: Collision and comprehensive coverage are the same

Collision and comprehensive coverage are the most common terms in insurance, but they are different. Collision coverage covers physical damage, while comprehensive coverage covers damage unrelated to road accidents. 

As you can see, motorcycle insurance has certain misconceptions. This makes the choice of proper motorcycle insurance more complicated, especially for new policyholders. If you live in Kansas and need help looking for an insurance plan, contact HighPointe Insurance Services LLC, serving customers in Overland Park, KS.