What Auto Insurance Do You Need When Traveling Abroad?

Auto insurance is an important legal aspect of driving safely in the United States. Driving overseas, it is also just as important. While driving overseas, car insurance is more for your own benefit than anything else. Considering that driving laws can be very different overseas from those in the U.S. it is imperative to have auto insurance for your own safety and protection.

Temporary auto insurance is often offered through the car rental company you will be using. However, if you are planning to stay overseas for a longer period of time then purchasing international car insurance is a good plan.

Remember that each country will have different laws governing auto insurance coverage. You will need to do your homework beforehand to make sure you are properly covered with the correct type of insurance.

Types of Auto Insurance

Collision- This covers you when you have an accident involving another car that was not your fault. This type insurance will cover the repairs to your car and often medical bills resulting from any injuring.

Liability- This covers you when you have an accident that was your fault. This pays the victim for damage and injuries, but does not pay for damage to your car or injuries you withstand.

Comprehensive- Comprehensive car insurance covers a variety of incidents which might occur to you or your vehicle. Although collision and liability are two of the most common types of coverage under comprehensive, there are a host of other types of accidents which can occur to damage your car or injury you while driving abroad. Comprehensive insurance is good because it can cover all of these other things which are also real threats. Some of these threats include hail damage, vandalism, striking an animal and many others.

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