Am I covered if I damage my boat on land?

Being able to take your boat out on the open water is a great way to spend a weekend.  Whether you like to fish, swim, or participate in water sports, boating is a wonderful way to spend time with family and friends.  Just like a car, a boat must be insured to help cover any damage that may happen to your boat or as a result of your boat.  But what happens if you damage your boat while it is out of the water?  Luckily, the experts at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC, serving residents in Overland Park, KS, are here to help answer this question.

Typically, boat insurance covers damage that happens to the boat while it is in the water.  This can include damage to your boat or damage to other property or boats in the water.  If your boat is damaged while you are moving it to the water it will be covered solely by your auto insurance.  This is because the boat is attached to your car at the time damage occurs.  If your boat is damaged while it is in your house or driveway, certain home insurance policies will cover the damage.  Depending on your home insurance you may be able to add additional coverage to make sure your boat will be protected.

While owning a boat is certainly fun, there are some tricky questions that can arise when it comes to coverage.  If you have any additional questions regarding your boat insurance reach out to the professionals at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC.  Our team, serving the residents of Overland Park, KS, are more than happy to help.  We are available to answer any questions you might have or help you set up a new insurance policy for your boat.