3 Ways To Prevent An Infestation When Renting An Apartment

Expert Tips on Protecting Your Apartment from Pest Infestation

When you inhabit a rented apartment, it’s inevitable that your space overlaps with those of other tenants. Consequently, the condition of their living spaces could potentially impact yours. One such fallout could be a pest infestation. Here are three preventive measures to shield your apartment and personal belongings from such nuisances.

Deploy Essential Oils as Natural Pest Repellants

Certain essential oils act as potent deterrents for numerous insects. Leveraging the scents of eucalyptus oil, refreshing mint, and soothing lavender can form a perimeter around your wall vents and doorways, thus preventing the entrance of pests into your apartment. It’s important, however, to keep these oils beyond the reach of pets as they could potentially be toxic.

Properly Stow Away your Food

To critters and pests, any food left open is an irresistible invitation. It’s thus crucial to seal away your food securely, particularly if it’s something ordinarily left open – this includes cereal, cookies, chips, and other pantry items. Doing so significantly reduces food smells that are likely to attract pests. Always endeavor to store dishes every night and not permit food to stay out for long durations.

Position Traps Wisely

If you suspect a pest infestation, it might be wise to set traps in discreet, dark areas. This proactive move could catch roaches, termites, and other unwelcome critters, thereby offering you the chance to alert your landlord, order treatments, and look for the most competitive renters insurance quotes in Overland Park, KS. Contact our team at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC for a fruitful conversation.