Coverage Provided by Condo Insurance

High-quality condo insurance in Overland Park, KS, provided by HighPointe Insurance Services LLC, can help to protect you from a variety of various damage problems and keep your condo safe.

What You Got Covered

When you buy a pretty standard condo insurance package, you’re going to get your personal property easily covered. This type of protection is necessary because your condo association’s insurance usually covers the building itself, and their policy does not extend to your items. Their policies do generally protect items that they have installed, such as appliances and fixtures.

You’ll also get options like liability coverage, help for guest medical problems if they are injured or sick on your property, living expenses if you cannot live in your condo after a covered claim (like a fire you did not start), and building property that you have owned to install in the apartment, such as upgraded countertops, new appliances, and anything else that the condo association did not add to the building. You can also buy policy addendum options that will expand what is covered. These include:

  • Water damage caused by sewage backup
  • Extended protection for many items
  • Electronic data recovery if your network fails
  • Building code problems
  • Green improvement replacement and repair

All of these simple enhancements help to make your policy a bit more comprehensive, allowing you the satisfaction of living efficiently in a condo without having to worry about the types of damage that may occur simply by living your life.

Get the Coverage You Need

If you want a condo policy in Overland Park, KS, that can take care of your needs as a homeowner, please don’t hesitate to contact us at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC. We serve your area and many surrounding towns and provide high-quality help for those who need it the most.