Why You Need to Consider Personal Umbrella Insurance

Given our litigious society, there’s always the risk of being sued. If you’re held to be legally liable for injuries or property damage in an amount in excess of your liability insurance policy limits, anything above those limits might have to be paid out-of-pocket. Not only does that impact your present financial situation, but it can also negatively affect your future earnings. With personal umbrella coverage, you’re giving yourself an extra tier of insurance coverage over and above your standard policy limits that protects your personal assets. Umbrella insurance doesn’t just cover your car either. It operates as an extra layer of protection on your homeowner’s insurance too. 

Don’t Ignore the Protection

Your umbrella insurance would be triggered when you reach your limits on your underlying insurance coverage. That’s when your umbrella coverage starts working for you. You’ll have that extra coverage shielding everything that you own. There’s no reason for you and your family not to have it.

Protection Against Unforeseeable Events

All it takes is for the pizza delivery kid to fall from a loose step at your home or a few seconds of inattentive driving. Those are potentially catastrophic risks that you want to be insured for.  They might be unforeseeable to you, but they happen every day. A jury’s award could be staggering and financially devastating. HighPointe Insurance Services LLC is available to help families in the entire Overland Park, KS area. Email us, call us, or stop in for a cup of coffee. We’re pleased to discuss your individual situation and provide you with your options for an additional line of defense.