Boost Your Liability Coverage With Umbrella Insurance

When you have both home and vehicle insurance, you may not have as much coverage as you think. For better coverage for liability, there is the umbrella insurance policy. If you’re interested in this kind of policy, call us at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC in Overland Park, KS to find out more.

Your Liability Coverage

When you already have a home and an auto insurance policy, these protect you with different types of coverage. One of those is liability protection in case of an accident or other incident. However, many people don’t have much liability coverage. Home policies often have very little of this coverage, and auto insurance often has only the minimum mandated by the state. That may not be enough to pay for any serious accident that could happen. It’s important to have enough liability coverage just in case. That’s where the umbrella insurance policy comes in. It gives you more liability coverage for the policies that you already have.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

Your auto and home policies will have a clear maximum payout that is stated in the contract. When you have an accident that you are liable for, that policy will only pay up to that maximum. If the medical bills are higher, it’s up to you to pay the rest. But when you have an umbrella policy, your amount of liability coverage is extended for both of those policies. After they have reached their payout maximums, your umbrella insurance comes in to pay the rest up to a much higher payout maximum. This can save you from having to come up with the money for those bills. 

Get an Umbrella Policy

If you don’t have much liability coverage, it may be time to get an umbrella policy. Give us a call at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC in Overland Park, KS.