Is condo insurance required in Kansas?

Your condo in Overland Park, KS speaks of your hard work and diligence. It is important that you have condo insurance to protect yourself from financial losses in the instance that it is damaged. The agents at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC can help you find the condo insurance policy that works with your budget and lifestyle. 

Is condo insurance required in Kansas?

Condo insurance is similar to home insurance in that it is not always required. You do not absolutely need condo insurance if you own your condo. Mortgage companies, however, require borrowers to maintain an indemnity plan that pays for significant damages to the structure of the residence. 

You should consider purchasing condo insurance even if you own your residence. One pipe leak can lead to thousands of financial losses without a good indemnity plan. 

How much condo insurance do you need?

The amount of condo insurance you may need depends on a number of factors. First, you should consider the valuables in your home. You want a plan that pays to replace items that are damaged beyond repair. 

Second, you should purchase a condo insurance plan that pays for relocation in the instance that your residence is uninhabitable. The best policies require minimal out-of-pocket payments. Some plans even offer discounted rates if you must pay for some hotel expenses. 

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