3 Things Home Insurance Does Not Cover

When you have a home in Overland Park, KS, it’s important to have the protection in place. That’s why you buy a home insurance policy. However, you want to know what home insurance might not cover so you can get the coverage elsewhere.

Our insurance agents at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC can recommend policies that will provide you with the missing coverage and even explore insurance companies that offer add-ons. This way, you have protection for everything that might happen.

DIY Gone Wrong

Unfortunately, there are dangers with the DIY approach. Even though you may think you are saving money doing it yourself, you may not be pulling the necessary permits. Additionally, you don’t know what you are doing; you could end up causing more damage. A flood that occurs because you didn’t handle plumbing repair properly won’t be covered by home insurance.

Flood Coverage

All it takes is one storm, and your neighborhood may experience a significant amount of flooding. FEMA will determine if you are in a flood zone. If you are, flood insurance may be required, and this is above and beyond the home insurance that is required by your mortgage company.

Various Liability Issues

An array of liability issues may not be covered as well. All home insurance policies will cover at least the basics, such as damage your family would do to other people’s property as well as any injuries that may occur on your property. However, there are always “scenarios” that are within the fine print of what’s not covered – and knowing what these are is critical.

By knowing more about what is and isn’t included in home insurance, you can better protect your home in Overland Park, KS. For more information about policies and to get quotes, contact HighPointe Insurance Services LLC today.