Why You Need Condo Insurance

At HighPointe Insurance Services LLC, in Overland Park, KS, we know insurance can be overwhelming. While condo insurance may not be required by your building’s HOA, there can be a number of benefits to purchasing this important coverage.

Why Should You Purchase Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance can help replace your lost valuables after a storm or disaster. It can help pay to rebuild your and may even pay for alternate accommodations if you are forced to leave due to a disaster or other event.  

While the HOA’s insurance protects the common areas, it generally does not protect your individual unit.

Reasons to Have Your Own Condo Insurance

  • Fire or theft: If you are the victim of a fire or a burglary, your condo insurance policy will pay to repair or replace any damaged or stolen items.
  • Storms: If a tornado, hurricane, or other storm leaves you temporarily stranded, your policy will cover things like hotels and meals until you can get back into your unit.
  • Accidental injuries: If someone is accidentally injured in your condo, your insurance will help cover their medical bills and/or your legal fees.

Still not sure you need condo insurance? As yourself these simple questions:

  • Would you be able to replace all your possessions on your own if they were lost today in a fire or theft?
  • If your condo were damaged by a tornado, would you be able to pay for all the repairs your Condo Association doesn’t cover?
  • If your condo were suddenly uninhabitable, would you be able to afford a hotel?

If the answer to one or all of these questions is no, you should look into a condo insurance policy. Contact the independent agents at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC today!