Tips to Protect Your Home When On Vacation

Mostly, the best time for housebreakers to strike is when nobody’s home. When you are on vacation, the last thing you want is a phone call from the police department in Overland Park, KS regarding a break-in at your home. Although you may be covered by HighPointe Insurance Services LLC, some things like your identity may be compromised. We share some tips on how to safeguard your property when it is most vulnerable to robbery.

Imply that someone’s Home

You can evade becoming another break-in statistic by taking measures to imply that someone is still at home. A dark house for a few days is an evident giveaway of your absence. Therefore, you can plug-in timers into your home’s lighting system and appliances like the TV, and radio to turn on and off at certain intervals. Similarly, some timers can pair with your cell phone, allowing you to control the different outlets when you please.
Other giveaways of your absence include an overflowing mailbox, a snowy driveway, or an unkempt lawn. Therefore, find someone to manage these small chores, and others that may arise to avoid suspicion. The best bet is usually to inform your neighbors of your absence and ask them to be on the lookout.

Beware of Social Media

Sharing that barely-filtered photo of that picturesque lagoon on Instagram is indeed an alluring prospect. However, it is also a declaration to potential burglars that nobody’s home and your valuables are for the taking.

An excellent way to keep burglars oblivious of your whereabouts is to refrain from publicly sharing any particulars of your trip, till you return. If you cannot resist the temptation, you can compromise by removing geotags from your posts, or turn off the geotagging feature on your phone. It would also be prudent to switch your sharing settings to private.

In the spirit of being proactive with your assets, contact HighPointe Insurance Services LLC serving Overland Park, KS for more information regarding home insurance.