Life Insurance in Overland Park, KS: Four Tips for Younger Families

Living in the moment is important, but as a young family In Overland Park, KS, you want to ensure that your family is fully protected in the event the unexpected should happen. The good news is that you can live with peace of mind while providing a financial safety net for your family by investing in a life insurance policy. HighPointe Insurance Services LLC wants to share a few tips regarding life insurance for younger families.

Don’t Procrastinate

You never know when an accident may strike, regardless of your age. Therefore, you should never put life insurance coverage off. Apart from having peace of mind early on in life, starting a life insurance policy when you’re young and healthy can often help you lock in better rates.

Calculate an Appropriate Amount of Coverage

When determining the amount of coverage you want and need, you don’t want to go overboard and pay for more than necessary. However, at the same time, you want to ensure you have plenty to cover any outstanding debts, funeral costs, and future expenses your family may incur without your income. As a general rule, you should consider an amount between six and 10 times your annual salary.

Compare the Types of Coverage

There is more than one type of life insurance coverage, and it is important to compare them to see which one best fits your situation. Term life policies last only a certain period of time, such as 10, 20, or 30 years. As soon as this period is over, your policy expires. This is great for individuals who only want coverage until the kids are grown and major expenses have been paid off. Whole life policies offer permanent coverage because you pay premiums for the rest of your life, but they do cost more.

If you need help figuring out the best life insurance policy for your family, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC. Serving residents of Overland Park, KS and the surrounding areas, we can help you explore your options and find the best one for your needs.

3 Benefits of Having Business Insurance

As long as you’re running a business, whether big or small, you’ll face different risks that will have financial implications for your business. These risks include theft of company property, fire damage, natural disasters, death or disability of essential employees, lawsuits against your business, and auto accidents.

These risks are detrimental to your bottom line and could even put you out of business in worst-case scenarios. That’s why you need to purchase business insurance from a top insurance partner like HighPointe Insurance Services LLC in Overland Park, KS.

Here’s how business insurance helps your business.

1. Boosts Confidence Among Your Clients and Employees

Some customers will demand proof of insurance before they give you their business. Especially if your company deals with sensitive information like security and medical data, customers will require you to have liability insurance.

If you have workers’ compensation insurance, your employees will feel more confident working in your company because they’re covered in case they get injured at the workplace.

2. Shields Your Business From Financial Damage

With the many risks your company faces every day, you can quickly go bankrupt if you cover all losses using your operating capital. For instance, replacing a company car ruined in an accident will set you back thousands of dollars if you don’t have commercial auto insurance.

3. Following the Law

Some states like Kansas require companies to have workers’ compensation insurance. Hence, if you’re in Overland Park, KS, you’ll have to carry workers’ compensation as required by Kansas law.

Why Trust HighPointe Insurance Services LLC?

With years of experience in commercial insurance, we know what small and big businesses are looking for when buying business insurance. When you partner with us, you’ll enjoy competitively priced insurance rates tailored for your business needs. Call us today to get your quote.

Protect Your Future With Home Insurance

When you own a house, a lot can go wrong with it. There are disasters that can threaten it, accidents that can cause damage and calamities that may leave it in need of repairs. If you don’t have home insurance to cover it, you would be responsible for paying for all of the repairs yourself, and this can ruin your financial future. To protect your future with home insurance, call us at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC in Overland Park, KS.

Coverage for the Structure

When you own a home, the structure itself needs to be covered by home insurance. This type of home coverage pays for repairs if the home is damaged during a covered incident. The policy will also pay to rebuild a house that is destroyed in a covered incident. This coverage by itself is enough to warrant having home insurance, and there are still more ways that home insurance protects you.

Protection for Your Things

Your possessions are inside your home, and they represent a substantial outlay of funds. Your home insurance policy also protects these belongings. If you things are damaged or ruined, the policy can pay for them to be repaired or replaced. This can be extremely expensive to do without home insurance, and it could send you into serious debt. 

Liability Protection

If someone is injured on your property, your home insurance protects you there as well. It pays for injuries that third parties suffer from after an accident in your home or yard. This means that the third party has no reason to sue you and is instead paid by the insurance policy.

Get Your Home Insurance

To keep your future more secure, get your home covered by home insurance. Call us now at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC in Overland Park, KS to find out more. 

Guide To Help Kansas Residents Find Auto Insurance For Their Custom Vehicles

HighPointe Insurance Services LLC provides coverage to the Overland Park, KS community. We strive to make sure that our clients are protected in every situation. We sit down with our clients and help evaluate their unique needs. We work with multiple carriers throughout the state. We are confident that we can help you protect your assets.

How Kansas Residents Can Insure Their Custom Vehicles

Auto insurance protects you while you drive around Overland Park, KS and beyond. You are protected if your vehicle is damaged in an accident. You are also covered if an object damages your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if it is stolen or vandalized. Liability coverage gives you stability if you accidentally cause property damage or injure someone. You can also add emergency assistance coverage to receive urgent help if your vehicle suffers engine failure or a flat tire. If you have a vehicle with custom parts, take your time and research different policies before making a decision.

A standard auto insurance policy generally does not cover any vehicle modifications such as changes to the chassis. If you plan to add customize your vehicle by adding special wheels, auxiliary lights, or a stereo system, you’ll need to add extra coverage to protect those parts if they are damaged or stolen. If you rarely drive your custom vehicle, take that into account as well. You may be eligible for a collectible car insurance policy as long as you adhere to a specific mileage limit every year. Evaluate the risk factors carefully.

HighPointe Insurance Services LLC Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about auto insurance.

Why do people in Kansas need boat insurance?

The Overland Park, KS area has continued to be a fun place for people to live. One time of the year when this is a great place to live in this part of Kansas is during the summer. During this time of the year, owning your own boat is a great idea as it will ensure you can enjoy all the local waterways to the fullest. Those that are going to buy a boat in this area also need to get boat insurance for a few reasons. 

Coverage for Asset

A key reason that you will need to have a boat insurance plan is that it can protect your asset. When someone buys a boat, they will be making a big long-term purchase and investment. Due to this, you will want to know that your investment is protected. With boat insurance, you will have coverage to mitigate several forms of loss including theft or accident damage. 

Insurance Requirements

You may also need to have insurance to comply with various requirements. Most boat loan providers will require that owners take out a full boat insurance plan. Further, if you want to use your boat in certain marinas, you may be required to carry an insurance plan at all times to comply with local rules. 

Getting a boat insurance plan in the Overland Park, KS area should be considered a necessity for anyone here. If you are looking for a plan in this community, it would always be helpful to call HighPointe Insurance Services LLC. There are a lot of unique choices that need to be made when you are looking for coverage here and HighPointe Insurance Services LLC can make it a lot easier for you. They will give personalized support that will help you choose the ideal plan. 

Boost Your Liability Coverage With Umbrella Insurance

When you have both home and vehicle insurance, you may not have as much coverage as you think. For better coverage for liability, there is the umbrella insurance policy. If you’re interested in this kind of policy, call us at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC in Overland Park, KS to find out more.

Your Liability Coverage

When you already have a home and an auto insurance policy, these protect you with different types of coverage. One of those is liability protection in case of an accident or other incident. However, many people don’t have much liability coverage. Home policies often have very little of this coverage, and auto insurance often has only the minimum mandated by the state. That may not be enough to pay for any serious accident that could happen. It’s important to have enough liability coverage just in case. That’s where the umbrella insurance policy comes in. It gives you more liability coverage for the policies that you already have.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

Your auto and home policies will have a clear maximum payout that is stated in the contract. When you have an accident that you are liable for, that policy will only pay up to that maximum. If the medical bills are higher, it’s up to you to pay the rest. But when you have an umbrella policy, your amount of liability coverage is extended for both of those policies. After they have reached their payout maximums, your umbrella insurance comes in to pay the rest up to a much higher payout maximum. This can save you from having to come up with the money for those bills. 

Get an Umbrella Policy

If you don’t have much liability coverage, it may be time to get an umbrella policy. Give us a call at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC in Overland Park, KS.

Why Do I Need Renters Insurance?

A good renters insurance in Overland Park, KS, provided by HighPointe Insurance Services LLC, can prove to be the right decision. There are some major reasons why you should consider renters insurance, some of which have been discussed below. 

Provides Liability Coverage

One of the most important benefits of insurance policies is that they help you to cover liabilities. In this case, renters insurance can help you to cover some of the liabilities that you might incur when someone is injured on your property. 

Provides Coverage to Your Properties

You might have a perception that you do not own much personal property. However, when you add them up, appliances, furniture, and clothing might turn out to be a huge investment. When you lose such properties, renter’s insurance will help in replacing them. 

Covers Your Items when You Travel

When traveling, people are always scared about their properties back at home. Others lose some items as they travel around the world. In such situations, renters insurance comes in handy and provides the necessary coverage. You should always get clarity from your insurance company about coverage when traveling. 

Covers Additional Living Expenses

Living expenses are likely to add up when your home has some problems. For example, a major repair might be required forcing you to stay in a hotel. Renters insurance will cover the extra living expenses for the duration you will live in the hotel. 

Renters Insurance is Required by Landlords

Some landlords are very strict about renters insurance. You will not get a unit without having such insurance policies. If your landlord is concerned about renters insurance, you have no other option but to have one. 

Working with the Best Insurance Company

As you can see, renters insurance is needed in Overland Park, KS. However, getting it from the best insurance company like HighPointe Insurance Services LLC will make the difference. Not every insurance company in the market will offer what you need.

Two Ways That Umbrella Insurance Protects You

When you have your important insurance policies in place, including your home and auto policies, you may feel well covered. However, some parts of these policies are simply way too low to help in case of a serious incident. If you want to be better protected, contact us at Highpoint Insurance Group in Dadeville, AL to find out more about umbrella insurance. 

Supplement Your Home Insurance

When you have a home insurance policy in place, it includes a few different types of coverage for your home. One of these is liability protection in case someone gets sick or injured in your home. This amount of liability insurance is generally small, and a serious accident or illness can easily max out the payment and leave you to pay the rest. With umbrella insurance, you are given more liability insurance for your home policy. It has a high maximum payout, and it will be less likely that you will have an overage to pay. 

Supplement Your Auto Insurance

Another way that umbrella insurance protects you is to add extra liability coverage to your auto insurance. While increasing your liability coverage through your auto insurance would be expensive, an umbrella policy is relatively low in price. Once you have had an accident that is your fault, there may be many medical bills and repair bills that you are liable for. Once your auto insurance maxes out, your umbrella insurance kicks in and pays up to a much higher maximum. This can protect you from lawsuits and financial ruin. 

Get Umbrella Insurance

To get your own umbrella policy for better coverage for your home and car, contact us at Highpoint Insurance Group in Dadeville, AL. Better insurance coverage from an umbrella policy can mean protection for your financial future.

Coverage Provided by Condo Insurance

High-quality condo insurance in Overland Park, KS, provided by HighPointe Insurance Services LLC, can help to protect you from a variety of various damage problems and keep your condo safe.

What You Got Covered

When you buy a pretty standard condo insurance package, you’re going to get your personal property easily covered. This type of protection is necessary because your condo association’s insurance usually covers the building itself, and their policy does not extend to your items. Their policies do generally protect items that they have installed, such as appliances and fixtures.

You’ll also get options like liability coverage, help for guest medical problems if they are injured or sick on your property, living expenses if you cannot live in your condo after a covered claim (like a fire you did not start), and building property that you have owned to install in the apartment, such as upgraded countertops, new appliances, and anything else that the condo association did not add to the building. You can also buy policy addendum options that will expand what is covered. These include:

  • Water damage caused by sewage backup
  • Extended protection for many items
  • Electronic data recovery if your network fails
  • Building code problems
  • Green improvement replacement and repair

All of these simple enhancements help to make your policy a bit more comprehensive, allowing you the satisfaction of living efficiently in a condo without having to worry about the types of damage that may occur simply by living your life.

Get the Coverage You Need

If you want a condo policy in Overland Park, KS, that can take care of your needs as a homeowner, please don’t hesitate to contact us at HighPointe Insurance Services LLC. We serve your area and many surrounding towns and provide high-quality help for those who need it the most.

Difference Between Renters and Home Insurance

Both renters insurance and homeowners insurance provide financial protection for policyholders against property damage, medical payments to others injured on the property, and legal liability costs. However, there are several significant differences between these two types of insurance that you should know about:

  • Home insurance includes dwelling coverage, and renters insurance does not. This fact makes renters insurance a cheaper form of home insurance for renters. 
  • Homeowners insurance covers more property, which makes it more expensive than renters insurance. Moreover, property covered by homeowners insurance is of higher value and is more vulnerable to perils. 
  • Home insurance covers the structure of a home, while renters insurance does not.
  • When you rent an apartment or house, you are not its owner. Therefore, it is not your responsibility to insure your dwelling. Instead, your focus is on protecting personal belongings and covering the liability in case a visitor or guest is injured on your property.
  • Homeowner’s insurance does not cover renters and their personal belongings – it only covers the building itself and the personal property of the landlord. 

HighPointe Insurance Services LLC in Overland Park KS – an Insurance Company That You Can Trust

Both renters and homeowners insurance are similar in the sense that they provide protection against property damage, legal liability, etc. However, there are also certain differences you should know about when you are deciding on the type of insurance you should get for your dwelling or the property you own. If you have any questions about these types of insurance and you need some help, do not hesitate to contact HighPointe Insurance Services LLC serving Overland Park, KS, and other surrounding towns. Our professional and experienced insurance agents are ready to answer all your questions and help you find the coverage you need.