Two Ways That Umbrella Insurance Protects You

When you have your important insurance policies in place, including your home and auto policies, you may feel well covered. However, some parts of these policies are simply way too low to help in case of a serious incident. If you want to be better protected, contact us at Highpoint Insurance Group in Dadeville, AL to find out more about umbrella insurance. 

Supplement Your Home Insurance

When you have a home insurance policy in place, it includes a few different types of coverage for your home. One of these is liability protection in case someone gets sick or injured in your home. This amount of liability insurance is generally small, and a serious accident or illness can easily max out the payment and leave you to pay the rest. With umbrella insurance, you are given more liability insurance for your home policy. It has a high maximum payout, and it will be less likely that you will have an overage to pay. 

Supplement Your Auto Insurance

Another way that umbrella insurance protects you is to add extra liability coverage to your auto insurance. While increasing your liability coverage through your auto insurance would be expensive, an umbrella policy is relatively low in price. Once you have had an accident that is your fault, there may be many medical bills and repair bills that you are liable for. Once your auto insurance maxes out, your umbrella insurance kicks in and pays up to a much higher maximum. This can protect you from lawsuits and financial ruin. 

Get Umbrella Insurance

To get your own umbrella policy for better coverage for your home and car, contact us at Highpoint Insurance Group in Dadeville, AL. Better insurance coverage from an umbrella policy can mean protection for your financial future.