What You Need to Know About Tornadoes and Homeowner’s Insurance

The last thing that you need to discover after a terrible tornado is that you do not have the right stipulations in your homeowner’s insurance policy. Overland Park, KS is known for natural disasters, and you need to prepare for the inevitable. Here are three things that you should be aware of concerning property coverage before tragedy strikes. 

Property Coverage insures Certain, Not All, Perils

A peril is an event that causes severe damage to property. Such occurrences can be destruction caused by anything from wildfires to windstorms. In these instances, payment is made for damaged property and medical expenses for personal injuries incurred as a result of the disaster. There is also an option of personal liability coverage that pays for bodily injury and property damage that inferred on others by your negligence. 

Either one of these policies can provide financial stability when tragedy strikes. It is, however, important to make sure that natural disasters such as tornadoes are included in the plan as some insurance agencies exclude earthquakes and other calamities caused by the elements. 

Additional Expenses May Not Be Covered

You may have a policy that pays to rebuild the structure of your home but does not provide coverage for debris removal and damaged trees. Such incentives are essential after a tornado sweeps through town since rubbish is a given and some trees present hazards. Rebuilding efforts will be impossible without first removing chaff and making the area safe. Ask your local insurance agent if additional expenses are included with replacement coverage to ensure security.

Exclusions Apply

Many homeowners insurance plans in Overland Park, KS include property coverage with several exclusions. Injured animals and damaged motor vehicles, for instance, are not typically financially secured through a homeowners policy. Only an experienced agent who is familiar with the area can ensure that you have the right insurance for a tornado or other natural disaster.