Will my renter’s insurance cover the laptops that were stolen from my car?

Regardless of whether we rent our homes, we want to protect our belongings and the things we’ve worked hard for. Renters’ insurance creates peace of mind for renters who want to protect their belongings. Investing in renters insurance is typically an affordable way to protect your personal belongings as a renter.

Our HighPointe Insurance Services LLC team takes pride in educating Overland Park, KS renters about the benefits of renters insurance.

What is Renters Insurance?

The express purpose of renters insurance is to protect your property while renting your dwelling (apartment, house, or condo). Renters’ insurance provides protection from sewer backup, theft, and fire damage. However, the benefits of renters insurance don’t stop there. Renters also have liability protection. If someone’s property is damaged while on your property, renters insurance will pay for repairing or replacing your visitors’ property. Also, renters insurance will pay for the medical expenses of any injured visitor while on your property.  

Will my renter’s insurance cover the laptops stolen from my car?

Yes. Renters insurance will cover/pay for the replacement of your stolen items. Renters insurance also covers personal items that are kept in your car. This coverage provides coverage for theft in your home as well as your vehicle. The coverage also covers vandalism, some natural disasters, and possibly food spoilage if you experience a power outage. Renters’ insurance will either pay for repairing or replacing stolen or damaged items. If you have questions about renters insurance and think you might benefit from this type of coverage, call us. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions.